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We Need to Talk About Male Infertility

April 14, 2023
While much of the traffic and news surrounding infertility and IVF treatment focuses on female…

How Automation Can Optimize Outcomes for Patients and Democratize IVF

March 9, 2023
An important but inconvenient truth is that not all experts are created equal. They’re all…

6 Things You Need to Know About IVF

February 23, 2023
It’s hard to describe the mental and emotional stress incurred by patients undergoing fertility treatment.…

The Embryologist Shortage is the Problem that Startups Need to Be Solving

February 16, 2023
Throughout the world, the demand for fertility treatment continues to rise, especially in the United…

To Help More Patients, Fertility Startups Should Focus on Making Embryologists’ Work Easier

February 9, 2023
For decades, fertility specialists have waited for the technology to catch up with the science.…

IVF Clinics Must Increase Their Capacity to Treat More Patients

December 1, 2022
My colleague Jeremy and I founded Fertilis with the goal of making IVF faster, better,…

How Fertilis Can Revolutionise the Future of Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Therapies

November 10, 2022
In 1956, Dr. Donnal Thomas did something incredible: he transferred the bone marrow of a…
Medical Devices

Designing Medical Devices that Change Lives

October 28, 2022
Allison Love knows medical devices. A mechanical engineer by training, Allison has worked in product…

How Fertilis’s Technology Is a Game Changer for Embryologists

August 30, 2022
I didn’t plan to become an embryologist. I went to university to become a veterinarian.…