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Clinical Partners

By partnering with the world’s best embryologists and IVF practitioners, we’re taking steps towards eliminating infertility

Working with the world’s leading clinics, Fertilis is pioneering technology that will forever transform IVF for patients and practitioners.

With the application of micro-3D printing, Fertilis has developed never-before-imagined micro-medical devices for improving IVF results. Because of these outcomes, Fertilis has attracted partnerships with the “royalty of IVF” – the world’s best clinics and embryologists.

By mimicking nature and providing embryologists with new levels of precision and control, Fertilis’s devices remove variability, decrease human error, improve embryo quality, and increase IVF success rates.

Our partners see Fertilis’s devices as the best way for improving access to fertility treatment and increasing results for patients.

Interested in partnering with Fertilis on our mission to eliminate infertility?

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