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The latest news about Fertilis

HR Brew

How EY supports employees pursuing parenthood

April 6, 2023
EY’s “pathways to parenthood” program expands coverage and services to employees looking to start families…
3D Natives

3D Printing Could Help Make IVF More Effective

January 25, 2023
Fertilis and UpNano have teamed up to use 3D printing to reduce the necessary implanation…
Design News

Novel 3D-Printed Microfluid Device Can Reduce Complexity of IVF

January 18, 2023
A dynamic cell culture created with a unique material and a 3D-printing fabrication process can…
Forbes Australia

Fertility device aims to revolutionise IVF treatment

January 5, 2023
Research published reveals Fertilis device improves embryo quality and allows for the automation and standardisation…

Companies are increasing fertility support and benefits—how to keep up

December 15, 2022
How to increase IVF support and benefits and reduce work stress for employees.
HealthCare IT News

Smaller than a pinhead: New 3D printed micro device provides breakthrough for IVF and regenerative medicine

May 16, 2022
Researchers have developed a tiny, 3D-printed cell "cradle" to boost IVF success, with the treatment…

New micro-device set to boost IVF success

March 18, 2022
Researchers from the University of Adelaide, in association with medical technology company Fertilis, have developed…

Australia’s Fertilis raised $2M to automate IVF embryo culturing

January 11, 2022
Adelaide-based startup Fertilis is the latest to join a wave of companies worldwide that are trying to…

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