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Scientific Advisory Board

Made up of external scientific experts from around the globe, the Scientific Advisory Board supports Fertilis in its mission to eliminate infertility.

The board members are key opinion leaders in the field of IVF. They provide guidance on product development and offer advice about the need for new products and the entry of new products into different national markets. Board members also act as sentinels for other disruptive ideas that Fertilis could transform into innovative technologies.

Dr. David Mortimer

Dr. David Mortimer is the president and co-owner of Oozoa Biomedical, an international consulting company providing total quality management-based services, including designing facilities, processing analysis and optimization, auditing, and operational financial planning, to reproductive technology clinics

David has many years of experience in the design and establishment of ART laboratories around the world. He is well-known in the field of reproductive biology, having authored or co-authored over 150 scientific publications and given over 300 conference presentations.  

Before becoming a full-time consultant, David held many positions in the field of reproductive biology, including a professorship and appointment as Scientific Director of the Infertility Programme in the Departments of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Medical Physiology at the University of Calgary where his research group investigated human sperm pathophysiology He was also the Scientific Director of Sydney IVF where he was responsible for the development of assisted reproduction laboratory services throughout Australia and Southeast Asia.  During this time he developed new sequential IVF culture media and benchtop incubators, which provided Sydney IVF with the highest success rates in Australia and were commercialized as the Cook Culture System.

He holds a PhD from Edinburgh University.

Prof. Louise Hull

Professor Louise Hull has worked in fertility services for more than three decades. During this time, she has helped many couples conceive and promoted the development of improved fertility treatments through research and education. She is an associate professor at the University of Adelaide Robinson Research Institute and a clinical academic at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide. She also works in private practice.

After completing her PhD in Endometriosis at the University of Cambridge, Louise established and led the Endometriosis Group at the Robinson Research Institute. Her research focuses on the basic science of endometriosis, developing new diagnostics for endometriosis, and conducting Phase 3 and 4 pharmaceutical trials. She is an international ambassador for the World Endometriosis Society and a Medical Advisory Board member for Endometriosis Australia and EndoNZ. She is also the deputy clinical leader of the Fertility and Conception Theme at the Robinson Institute and has served as an associate editor for Human Reproduction.

Louise publishes widely, presents at international conferences, supervises PhD students, and teaches reproductive medicine to medical students, registrars, and fellows. She has received numerous grants, fellowships, and awards.

Dr. Zsolt Peter Nagy

Dr. Zsolt Peter Nagy is the Scientific and Laboratory Director at Reproductive Biology Associates. He is a leading global expert in ICSI and cryopreservation.

He began his career in assisted reproduction at the Department of Reproductive Medicine at Brussels University, working as a medical scientist on the team that first developed ICSI. He has also served as a Scientific Director at the European Hospital in Rome, Italy, and a clinics in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Over the past three decades, Zsolt has been an invited speaker at medical and scientific conferences and he has organized or chaired over 100 congresses, symposia, and workshops.. He is an associate editor for Human Reproduction and Reproductive Biomedicine, and he has authored or co-authored more than 200 articles published in peer- reviewed medical and scientific journals.He is frequently invited to perform international consultations to help improve the efficiency of IVF clinics, including to set up several ICSI laboratories around the world.

Zolt’s team most recently contributed to significant improvements in oocyte cryopreservation using vitrification technology, which led to the establishment of the first highly-efficient donor egg cryo-bank in the United States. 

He holds a PhD in biomedical science from the Free University of Brussels.

Dr. Thomas Ebner

Dr. Thomas Ebner is the executive board member of ESHRE. He previously served as the executive board member of ALPHA– Scientists in Reproductive Medicine. He is a certified senior clinical embryologist who has authored or co-authored more than 160 papers and book chapters. His research interests include non-invasive IVF selection processes, andrology, vitrification, culture media, and time-lapse imaging. He holds a PhD from the University of Salzburg.

Prof. Laura Rienzi

Professor Laura Rienzi is the Scientific Director of GeneraLife, an international reproductive medicine network. An embryologist with more than 30 years of experience, she has served as the director of four IVF Centers as well as the scientific director of the Embryology Laboratory of the Reproductive Medicine Center at the European Hospital in Rome, Italy. In 2008, she co-founded and served as the laboratory director of the GENERA centers, which are now part of the GeneraLife group and operate in five countries, carrying out 25,000 treatments a year.

Laura has held many academic positions and is currently an associate professor in the Department of Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Urbino. She has more than 200 publications including articles, reviews, and book chapters, and she has been invited as a speaker at more than 300 scientific events around the world. 

Laura played a key role in the introduction of vitrification for oocyte and embryo freezing in Italy. She has twice won the prestigious Grant for Fertility Innovation, and she was chosen by the World Health Organization alongside other leading international reproductive health experts to author the WHO manual for guidelines on treating infertility.